If you love a child with Rett Syndrome you no doubt want the answer to this question: Will there be a cure for my child and if so, when?

At RSRT we are confident that effective treatments and, ultimately, a cure, will come. Our confidence stems from scientific evidence.  The fact that there is no degeneration in the brain sets the disorder apart from many other neurological diseases, and the dramatic reversibility of symptoms in the mouse model brings optimism to families and enthusiasm to the research community.

There is no simple answer to the question of “when.”  The nature of research is such that it is challenging if not impossible (and perhaps even irresponsible) to put a timeframe on scientific discovery.  What we know for sure is that there is only one road to treatments and cures for Rett Syndrome and that is scientific research.  We also know that if we are doing the right research and if it is sufficiently funded, the timeframe is very likely to be shortened.

Our research is conceived in collaboration with scientists, launched, funded, and monitored with one goal in mind—to heal our children.  Since 2008 RSRT has awarded $25 million to research.  The result has been discoveries and new knowledge that are critical steps towards achieving our goal.

The table below was designed to help families keep track and make sense of the numerous therapeutic approaches currently being pursued.  The data in the table has been vetted by Rett researchers and clinicians for accuracy and objectivity.  The table, which will be continuously updated as new information becomes available, is meant to be unbiased.  It is not designed to promote or criticize any of the approaches being taken.  Its purpose is to provide information as accurately as we possibly can.

RSRT funds some but not all of the approaches listed.